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Journal last updated: Thursday, June 13th 2019 at 11:28 PM
Sorry if I 1-click, I tend to just hit whatever's interact-able in your Party at the time. At least it's not like only clicking 1 Pokemon gives you negative experience. Also, I'm not too active because, by nature, I am a very low-energy person with a very full schedule.

Hawk / Archie / w/e honestly | Adult, legally. College student come September 2019, would prefer not to reveal my age to a bunch of random-ass strangers who I do not trust; but I'm below 25-30. Actual Jonathan Crane from DC comics here. Boo. | Trans man, They/Them or He/Him

Local warrior cats, Batman Rogues [specifically, other than that I'm not too fond of the franchise as a whole], Total Drama, and A Series of Unfortunate Events fan, among other things. I write mainly OC-centric fanfic in the form of ridiculously long oneshots. Highest rank on here so far is 1,496, for reference. PM me if you need to discuss something such as shiny race details.

deviantART: Cloudclawz [which I rarely use]
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