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 Arceus Servant

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Arceus Servant's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, June 25th 2010 at 9:21 AM
Im in Austria, so i'll rarlely be able to click back after 2 PM server time.

I am currently rarely online because of school.

One Clickers, please click ether the egg closest to hatching or the egg farest away from hatching.

If you click me, i'll click back as many of yours as you clicked mine.

Current Goals:

Hatch an Egg [X](Carnivine)
Hatch a Shiny [ ]
Hatch a legendary [X](Primal Dialga)
Hach a Starter [X](Charmander)
Hatch a Grass-Type[X](Carnivine)
Hatch a Psychic-Type[X](Drowzee)
Hatch a Fighting-Type[X](Riolu)
Hatch a Bug-Type[X](Burmy)
Hatch an Ice-Type[X](Snover)
Hatch a Ghost-Type[X](Spiritomb)
Hatch a Dark-Type[X](Spiritomb)
Hatch a Normal-Type[X](Swablu)
Hatch a Fliying-Type[X](Swablu)
Hatch a Fire-Type[X](Charmander)
Hatch all Kanto Starters[1/3]
Hatch a Poison-Type[X](Grimer)
Hatch a Rock-Type[X](Rhyhorn)
Hatch a Ground-Type[X](Rhyhorn)
Hatch a Water-Type[X](Horsea)
Hatch a Dragon-Type[X](Primal Dialga)
Hatch a Steel-Type[X](Primal Dialga)
Hatch the Dragon Trio Primal Dialga[1/4]
Hatch an Electric-Type[X](Shinx)
Evolve a Pokémon[X](Bidoof-->Bibarel)
Hatch 50 Pokémon[ ](29/50)
Get a hatched Pokémon from the Shelter[X](Absol)
Get all Johto Starters[ ](1/3)

Everytime i get a goal done, i'll set up a new one.
FUN FACT: Primal Dialga hatched shortly after I defeated it in PMD2.
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