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Journal last updated: Tuesday, August 9th 2016 at 7:07 PM
Before my daughter was born she was given her first Pokemon, a Bulbasaur. Now, at two years old, she's at Viridian Forest already where she found a Pikachu! Gotta catch'em all, Plushiemon!

My favorite Pokemon is Growlithe/Arcanine. I will forever be on a mission for a Battle Tower-worthy shiny Arcanine.

First Pokemon: Feebas
First legendary: Manaphy
First novelty: Winter Vulpix
First achievement: What's Up, Doc?
First shiny: Torchic-took 3 eggs
First shiny Arcanine: hatched on December 18, 2015 after an unofficial hunt of 354 eggs

Member of the Azurite Knights and Networking Ninjas! PM me for help with Social Networking!

Kanto Master: 125/146
Notes: Poliwhirl, Abra, Kadabra
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