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From: United Kingdom
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      —Galarian Corsola

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Journal last updated: Wednesday, July 22nd 2020 at 1:12 PM
Trinkets: 92% (3874/4169)

I don't always have the energy to click daily. If I go out in the day I don't usually have much energy by the time I get back and I just get tired easily. Sorry if I end up not clicking for the day.

3DS FC: 4511 0458 6828
ACNL Dream Code: 7A00 000F 44C6
Super Mario Maker 2 ID: V5X KFJ BVF
Switch FC: SW 0472 8717 1714
NNID: Aqua43
YouTube: Aqua Tuna (Been uploading videos of a lot of Yume Nikki fangames recently).
Steam: AquaTuna (top result)

Currently working on: a shiny Living Dex and the Badge achievements.
I'll be adding people who are trying for SN.

Hey guys. I like playing video games. I don't really stick to one series and I like to play lots of different games, although I mostly stick to Nintendo. I'm also super into Yume Nikki and its fangames.

Also; video game music. It's epic.
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Godsend (Jul 8/17)
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An All Night Thing (May 16/16)
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Shiny Collector (Jan 17/16)
Bounty Hunter (Jan 13/13)
Lucky Day (Jan 17/16)
Master Breeder (Jan 29/16)
Master Feeder (Jan 26/13)
Feed a Country (Oct 2/16)
Darwinist (Jul 24/16)
Creationist (Jan 17/16)
Elite Clicker (Mar 24/18)
Master Collector (Jul 10/16)

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