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 Antarid Thrasher

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Points: 851,777
Pass Orbs: 0

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Prize Points: 93
Ranking: 649
Joined: Wed. Apr. 29/09
Last seen: Fri. May. 2/14 (Desktop)
User group: Members
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    Journal last updated: Thursday, December 6th 2012 at 9:33 AM

    Feel free to add me in your PalPad.

    Roserade (1 egg: random)
    Bastiodon (1 egg: random)
    Cherrim (1 egg: random)
    Shiftry (1 egg: random)
    Abomasnow (4 eggs)
    Corsola (4 eggs)
    Rapidash (16 eggs)
    Omastar (7 eggs)
    Nidoking (11 eggs)
    Slugma (29 eggs)
    Crobat (1 egg: random)
    Cloyster (11 eggs)
    Magikarp (401 eggs)
    Nincada (275 eggs)
    Houndour (160 eggs)
    Electrike (195 eggs)
    Illumise (random)
    Woobat (173 eggs)
    Litwick (35 eggs)
    Zangoose (162 eggs)
    Magikarp 2 (218 eggs)
    Porygon2 (87 eggs)
    Cherubi 2 (65 eggs)
    Luvdisc (394 eggs)
    Umbreon (Shelter)
    Charizard (Shelter)
    Slowpoke (Shelter)
    Nidoran F

    Shiny Gastly (71)
    Shiny Yanma (39)
    Shiny Zergoose (87)
    Shiny Poliwag (56)
    Shiny Wingull (11)
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