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 Ann Midnite

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Journal last updated: Saturday, April 17th 2010 at 10:39 AM
.: About me :.

Hey there ^^ My name is Isabella, but I'm most known around internet as Isa_Love_Anime. xP I like Animes and Games a lot (as you can see), and I also love to draw.

I don't always have time to click back (since I'm a kinda busy person XP) before the site resets, since I live in Brazil... But I always write down the people who have clicked me and that I didn't have time to return the favour, so I can retribute all the clicks you guys give me, sometime... XD Also, I'm a Generation I/II fan ONLY. You'll really never see me with a Gen III/whatever egg... XP

Also, if you click me, please go and click my sister ThunderFox! ^-^

~ Proud Brazilian

.: What's up :.

I had the enourmous luck to get a female Eeevee in my SECOND try, but I was unlucky enough to get other 2 Pokémon that I wanted males as females xDD Epic Fail. Lol
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