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Journal last updated: Thursday, December 1st 2011 at 11:59 AM
||||~~~*#Part of the Clicking Coalition#*~~~||||

-Feel free to add me to your PalPad if you wish! Click Backs Beeing Delivered In Between Breaks!

-Okey,here is a little info about me:
Im a 26. Years old Female living in Norway (Europe) and since i am currently 6. Hours ahead of Server time so i might not be able to click you back before the reset if you click me very late/close to the reset. My appoligies.

-At the moment i am switching between Shiny Hunting 100% and leveling up my favorite pokemon to Level 100.

-All the eggs you see in my party well be realesed as soon as they are hatched,if they are not a Shiny or Legendary,included Novelty Pokemon!

-Goal Shinies: Ninetails, Celebi, Skitty, Ponyta, Azurill, Relicanth, Electrike, Jumpluff, Rotom, Mareep, Lileep, Cradily, Corsola, Kirlia, Swampert, Spheal, Cloyster, Winter Vulpix, Clamperl, Masquerain ...
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