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Journal last updated: Tuesday, September 25th 2018 at 7:12 PM
Hi!!! My name is AnimeRules14. As you can tell by my name I love anime and also love manga.
My server time= 1 hour behind it

I got some duplicates on novelty eggs so if you wanna trade with me ask what I got and see what u can give me message me if you want XD

I am looking for friends on here so if you want to click on me to be friends!!

Egg Rule: If you click on all of my eggs I will try to click on all of them back since I have a full time job now its hard for me to be on everyday!!! I will click on all of your eggs even if you only click one of my eggs!!

One clickers please click on the eggs I have so I can hatch them thank you!!!

Gladly part of the Every Barry Counts Group!!!!

I LOVE POKEMON!!!!! Especially some couples in Pokemon too. Not all of them though.

I love reading manga on mangafox so my nickname there is AnimeRules14 like it is here so if you read from there let's be friends!!!!!

My favorite anime are: BNHA, HxH, Jojo, Diamond no Ace, Haikyuu, Yowapeda, Oofuri, Kuroko no Basket, Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist .Soul Eater, Skip Beat, OHSHC, Code Geass,Naruto,Detective Conan and Gakuen Alice

I hope you enjoy clicking on my pokemon and I hope you want to become friends with me if you feel like it!!

Hatch first egg [X] female Snorunt!!!
Get all starter pokemon [X]
Get first legendary[X] Phoine
Get a shiny pokemon[X] male Meditite
Get all Eevee evolutions [X]
Get Novelty egg [X] Easter Bunny
Get a Ditto egg [X]
Get all 5th Gen. Pokemon [X]
Have all Pokemon []
Have all Legendary Pokemon []
Get all 6th Gen. Pokemon []
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