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Journal last updated: Saturday, October 19th 2013 at 11:28 AM
Back on the hunt for a party of shiny Ralts!

--I am a leader of The Breeding Aristocracy v2--

I'm, pregnant with Bleu's baby
Bleu's pregnant with Lili's baby
Lili's pregnant with Jax's baby
Jax is pregnant with Aqua's baby
Nia's pregnant with Twili's baby
We are all pregnant with BlackIce's baby

--I am a member of The Zinfandel Congregation of Galletas--

--I'm part of the 10k Club!--

Most daily interactions: 12, 555 (1/8)
Highest ranking on a top 10 list: 1st

shiny race:Me vs Blueberry
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