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Angelish's Profile

Journal last updated: Saturday, July 10th 2010 at 1:11 AM
I Want your... Cotton Candy Mareeps.. 0.o
I Am Your Personal Poltergeist!

~Clicking Policy~
I will always try to click your full Party
Mostly Mass-clicking, or trying to. Can miss some of your pokes. If I do, you can miss the same amount of my pokes, or send a PM so I can still click them. x'3
Still clicking the right berry though, I want that achievement x'D

~About me~
NickName(s): Tha Jezzster, TheLycan
Age 15
Location Noord Brabant, Hollandia! (The Netherlands x'3) Servertime plus 6 hours

Pokes missing: Still too many to make a list xD

ShinyIWantBut will probably never get
(Not even started on this huge list. I will when I have almost completed the (egg)dex).
-(Clone) Charizard
-Ampharos/Mareep (Cotton Candy! *Drools*)
(This list is just getting longer and longer)
ShinyIHaveBut did not ask for xD
-Furret (1/1)
-Shellos (1/1)

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