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Journal last updated: Sunday, October 11th 2009 at 10:05 AM
Status: OFFLINE :)

Thanx For Clicking on my Eggs!!!
If You Click All of Mine I'll Click all of yours
And if i am not online please click my eggs anyways and i'll click yours once i am online again!!
If you click me and i haven't clicked back it is because i am busy!!
So Don't Get Mad!! XD
I never Click Only One Egg or Pokemon I always Click All That You Have So I hope you
Do the same!!
I always give your pokemon the right berries!!
Also click on the people on my pal pad!!
I Like Attacking The Online List So if you Get Clicked Please Click back!!!
Oh And All you One Clickers out there Please Click the Egg Close To Hatching!!!
PS: If You Add Me I Will Click On All Your Pokemon/Eggs Every Day And When The Time Resets!!
Even if your offline!!!
Just pm me so i could know you added me and ill add you!!

Shiny Gallade
Shiny Altaria
Shiny Leafeon
Shiny Umbreon
and the rest of the eeveelutions[1/5]!!
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