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 Angel the Raichu

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Angel the Raichu's Profile

Journal last updated: Wednesday, January 6th 2016 at 1:58 AM
One clickers: Anyone
Hey every1 hows it going?
Condition: Life!

-Name: Angel
-Species: Raichu
-Gender: Male
-Held Items: Volt Charm/Goggle Specs/Zapper Scarf/Volt Torc/Raichu Crest/Detect Band/Coalition Scarf
-Nature: Modest (+Special Attack/ -Attack)
-Ability: Lightningrod
-Move set: Shock wave, Volt tackle, Thunder, Iron tail, Double team, Zap cannon, Thunderbolt, Quick attack, Hyper beam, Wild charge, Strength, Thunder wave, Discharge, Aura sphere, Mega punch, Mega kick, Swift, Return, Nuzzle, Brick break, Focus blast, Charge beam, Flash, Charge, Thunder punch, Electro ball, and Helping hand
-Foods: Sweet or Spicy
-IQ: Mostly everyone I know believe it's higher than I think it is
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