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 Angel of Dusk

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Journal last updated: Monday, January 25th 2010 at 7:58 PM
Back from Holidays!! I'll be full clicking again!!!

Lil Angel the Pichu

Hello everyone. I'm writing this down on a few large leaves I found before on the forest floor. I'm doing this because I'm afraid I'm never going to see another pokemon or Angel of Dusk again. You see, I finally made it up to the mountains beyond our homestead and it's only now I realize what a mistake I've made coming here and now I know for certain I am lost. I'm quite sure a while ago I saw something stalking me in the bushes. I...I couldn't make it out completely, but it was about the same size as a poochyna or houndoom or any other of those savage pokemon they say exist out here. I've never felt so scared before, but the funny thing is, I also feel... strange. Like I've been here before. I'm sure I had dream not too long ago about a place simliar to this... the sapphire rock. Wait, why did I write that? Sapphire Rock. I feel compelled to read it again. I think I know now where I'm supposed to go, but how can I? My mind knows, but I don't. Well, my intuition's never failed me before, I'm just going to have to believe it. But if it's wrong, or I fail, may this be my final farewell to everyone.




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My Shiny search has naow become a SHINY HUNT

A.o.D (Milotic) vs Sickeny (totodile)
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