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 An Elric Brother

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An Elric Brother's Profile

Journal last updated: Monday, April 1st 2019 at 12:24 AM
nonbinary | he/they | 19

hello! i'm viper, but you can
also call me edward or galum.

i mass click so i apologize if i don't
do the correct interactions. i'll be
more active on the weekends,
though i will try to get on during
the week.

my favorite pokemon are:
lucario | luxray | the eon duo
pom-pom oricorio | sceptile | rayquaza

i draw, write, and roleplay, but
i mostly just browse tumblr.

i like:
ah\rt\cc\fh | pokemon | wcs | ac
inuyasha | markiplier | dinosaurs
birds | dragons | su | gemstones
guardians of ga'hoole | fma | drawing
animals | writing | the rain | the ocean
space | heathers | fantasy

where you can find me:
da { an-elric-brother
tumblr { viiperfang
flight rising { ornithogalum #349434
instagram { viiperfang
discord { ask
vent app { ask
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