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Amitola's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, March 17th 2017 at 8:28 AM
I am from Austria, so you can write me in german X3

Name: Amitola
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Haircolor: Darkbrown
Eyecolor: Green
Job: Pokemontrainer
Hometown: Vertania City
Farm: Gate Of Heaven
Favorite Pokemon: Typhlosion, Lugia, Ho-oh

You can find me on:
Deviantart: Goldsturm
Animexx: SmileOfDeath
Youtube: Erdbeertod

Hey, add me to your PalPad. I will click you every day

30.5.2010: Yay, a Lugia egg!!!
21.8.2010: Wooooohh, an Entei egg!!!
17.10.2012: Finally a Ditto!!!
09.12.2012: Hello Mewtwo!!!
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Novelty Collector (Mar 8/11)
Happy Anniversary! (Apr 14/11)
Shine Master (Aug 1/14)
Great Success! (Sep 22/10)
Lucky Day (Jan 26/13)
Master Clicker (Oct 22/12)
Master Breeder (Dec 19/12)
Master Trainer (Oct 12/12)
Expert Feeder (Nov 2/10)
Expert Collector (Jan 2/13)

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