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Journal last updated: Tuesday, July 25th 2017 at 4:25 PM
Status: I'm back, sort of...

Hi! I'm Amanda, an anxious 26 year old dweeb who likes crying online about fictional characters. I draw a lot, sometimes.
Lately I've really only been clicking eggs and the occasional Pokemon, but... mostly eggs, since it's fast and easy!
Thank you in advance for any clicks~

Wants (in no order):
Articuno, Sh. Articuno, Celebi, Shaymin

Extra PC Boxes (6/25)

Achievements: Johto Gym Badges (0/8)

Shiny Hunts: Rotom, Chatot, Litten
Currently Breeding: Rotoms
--Other Sites I'm On--

Twitter: PartySpeep
Tumblr: gustofwinduhdance
Art Tumblr: oho-oasis
Subeta: Amane[/center]
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