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Points: 12,530
Pass Orbs: 73

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Prize Points: 2
Ranking: 34,098
Joined: Sat. Apr. 30/11
Last seen: Sat. Jun. 15/19 (Mobile)
User group: Newbies
From: United States
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    Lv. 46: 7,132/10,000

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AlyssaTheHybrid91's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, May 12th 2019 at 11:21 PM
About Me
Name: Alyssa
Age: 28
DOB: 5/11/91
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Orientation: Demi-Hetero
Marital Status: Taken
Currently Into: Final Fantasy IX, Rune Factory 4, Disgaea
3DS Friend Code: 1607 - 6861 - 5403

Other sites you can find me at
My deviantART: PrincessAlyssaHybrid
My PokeFarm 1: Monfervee91
My PokeFarmQ: FoxHybrid91
My PokeHeroes: PrincessAlyssaHybrid

My Clicking Policy:
Full Party usually, It also depends on if I'm using my Laptop or my Mobile Phone, but I will do what I can to full party click you. If you click me I will try to click you back before the reset, I apologize if I am unable to click you back before then.
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