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    Journal last updated: Sunday, July 26th 2020 at 12:42 AM

    Level all my 1st Pokes to 100.
    Parties: A Sticky Situation; Kimono Girl.
    Hatch 3,000 Pokemon eggs.
    Find 100 items in underground.
    Get Kanto Champion Badge Achievement.
    Exploring: Complete 10 explorations.
    Shinies: Phanby, Staryu. Omanyte, Wingull, & Happiny for Gryph.

    Social Network Help
    We're 0 people away from 2,000 Social Network Achievement on the site!
    (About 90% of my pal pad are people who need adds! Please add them to your pal pad.
    Also, please consider advertising one of them on your status.)

    Goal: We've reached 2,000 SNs July 24th! That's 27 SNs in ONE MONTH!
    Thank you all so very much for helping. You're amazing. Here's to 20 more!
    Currently updating journal list with most active 17 users within past 5 days to add.

    Networking Ninjas. PM for SN.

    /SnovieChan/ [Needs 3]
    /frogs4macattack/ [Needs 7]
    Active clickbacks/PM for SN --> /CyberMagician/ [Needs 13]
    /Aibiki/ [Needs 16]
    Active clickbacks --> /GymLeaderWinona/ [Needs 18]
    /krahe/ [Needs 21]
    Active clickbacks --> /Scotteh/ [Needs 23]
    Addbacks/PM for SN --> /Cursed+Username/ [Needs 23]
    /Vulpix+D/ [Needs 28]
    Active clickbacks/Addbacks --> /Plush+Nightingale/ [Needs 29]
    Active clickbacks/Addbacks --> /Cletus/ [Needs 30]
    /seanrc/ [Needs 36]
    /Lisabit/ [Needs 39]
    /DreamingNightmares/ [Needs 42]
    Active clickbacks --> /kirbs2002/ [Needs 43]
    /TenjouUtena/ [Needs 44]
    /buttermilkss/ [Needs 44]


    Just turned 32! I mother a pack of 8 dogs as well as fostering dogs. Stepmom of 4 humans. I first played red & blue Pokemon on a see-thru purple Game Boy. Deaf AF my whole life.
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    Legendary Seeker (Apr 17/20)
    Novelty Hunter (Mar 25/20)
    Novice Explorer (Mar 10/20)
    Social Network (Jul 3/20)
    Shiny Seeker (May 29/20)
    Great Success! (May 29/20)
    Master Clicker (Mar 18/20)
    Expert Hatcher (Mar 20/20)
    Expert Breeder (Jul 6/20)
    Novice Trainer (Mar 28/20)
    Master Feeder (May 17/20)
    Newbie Battler (Apr 20/20)
    Novice Collector (Mar 20/20)

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