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Almatari's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, May 16th 2013 at 8:49 AM

Who ? Naive Female
What ? Pokemon Trainer
Where ? Unova
When ? Journey began 06 March '11
Why ? To be the very best
How ? With the company of her Hoenn pokes


Name .:. Almatari is Elvish for Jessica
Breaths .:. Twenty Four Years Worth
DOB .:. 11 May '89, Thur at 2:54am EST
Sign .:. Taurus, stubborn indeed


___________________________On GPX;;
March 2011: Blitzle; Slime Slugma
April 2011: Litwick evolved to Chandelure; evolved to Zebstrika;
evolved to Slime Magcargo; Trapinch; Elekid;

[X] Slime Slugma
[X] Easter Buneary
[X] Summer Swinub
[X] Velentacool
[X] Bidofo
[X] Pokii
[X] Remorage
[] Past Misdreavus
[X] Present Drifloon
[X] Future Shuppet


+ I full party click Pal Pad multiple times a day So add me c:
+ I open 200 tabs at a time, hours at a time, daily


+ Failon is my boyfriend
+ Cotton Candy Mandy is my sister
+ Tyallie is my cousin
+ Starsan and Aranel Fefalas are my friends


+ Pokemon;; D .:. Pl .:. HG .:. Blk .:. Blk 2
+ Fable;; I, II, && III
+ Dragon Age;; I


+ YouTube;; Hillywood Show .:. MysteryGuitarMan
+ Television;; Vampire Diaries .:. True Blood .:. House .:. Merlin .:. Once Upon a Time .:. Game of Thrones
+ Movies;; Sci-Fi .:. Comedy .:. Drama .:. Disney & Pixar
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