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 Alicia Jewel

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Journal last updated: Wednesday, February 11th 2015 at 12:49 AM
Proud member of ~The Berry Smart Group~!

I put my personal mythology for legendary Pokemon in their descriptions--check them out!


I start with my Pal Pad and who has interacted with me today, and then I move on to all online users. I start by spam-warming eggs, then I feed exploration Pokemon, and finally I feed all of the other Pokemon. Once that's done, I cycle back and forth between warming eggs and feeding Pokemon. I rarely have Pokemon and eggs up at the same time. It's just easier for me to do them separately.

I will ALWAYS try to feed the correct berry, but sometimes my finger twitches or I have a brain fart. Sorry. >.<


Trinkets aren't a huge part of my GPX+ experience, but I do ask just a few things:
*If I offer up a limited edition trinket, I'd like a limited edition trinket in return.
*If it's in my affinity, I'll find it on my own. Eventually. Unless it's out of rotation.
*Trinkets with the same or higher rarity as the one I've offered are more likely to get accepted, but I will accept one rarity below.
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