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 Alexis Duit

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Alexis Duit's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, February 7th 2010 at 12:29 PM
February 7: I finally got my computer up and running! I want to thank everyone who has clicked on my eggs in my absence.

Happy Valentines Day in advance. <3

always try to click on a person's whole party. If I only clicked on one of the Pokemon or egg in your party, most likely something happened that I had to leave before clicking them all, or your eggs are ready to hatch. I don't care if someone only clicks on one Pokemon/egg in my party, I will click back full party. I'm grateful for any clicks at all! Though I wonder what the reason is for those who make a habit of only clicking one in a party... I mean, the more you click, the more points you get to save up for getting items, PLUS the more you click the more chance you can get something rare (if you have a space in your party... so why not click 'em all? It's a win/win situation, after all.

One clickers: Please click the top egg. Thanks =)

Eggs/Pokemon I'm hunting for:

Any novelties
All "starters" with the exception of Cyndiquil, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Chikorita
Eevee (I want at least seven for all evo's)
Shinies, especially Drifloon, Corsola, and Charmander

Items I'm saving up for:

Evolution items/stones
Soothe bell

Note to self: Remember to leave a open space in your party just in case you get lucky and see the little ol' guy or other rare thing.
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