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Journal last updated: Tuesday, October 5th 2010 at 9:15 AM
♥ ♥ ♥

My time: server time plus 6 hours

Member of ~~~ The 1/6 League ~~~
I am Berry Smart

Working On
Leveling Pokémon to lvl100 for achievements

05/10/10 ~ 1st Anniversary! :D
26/08/10 ~ Got my Shiny Pichu after 112 Pichus! ^^
22/08/10 ~ Finally got a Winter Vulpix in the Shelter! *happy* ... Got two! Yeah! :)
21/08/10 ~ Crystal Onix found in the Shelter! :)
18/08/10 ~ Found an Easter Buneary in the Shelter! :) I got an event egg? oO
03/07/10 ~ Got Groudon in the birthday exchange! Yay!
26/06/10 ~ Just got my Summer Swinub. :)
22/06/10 ~ Found a Beldum in the Safari Zone! Now I've got all normal Pokemon! :D And I got an Unown in the lab. o_O
21/06/10 ~ Many thanks to Zerxer for fixing my bug with the Competition/normal hunt!
19/06/10 ~ I hope that my normal swinub hunt will be transfered to the Competition hunt... And I found Latios in the lab. :)
18/06/10 ~ Taking part in the shiny hunt!
30/05/10 ~ Got from some achievement an Enigma Stone and summoned Lugia! At that time there was also a Magnemite egg for me. :)
21/05/10 ~ Got a Ditto!
12/05/10 ~ Found Lunar Wing and got Cressalia and I got Azelf from the event. :D
18/04/10 ~ Found an Griseous Orb and summoned Giratina.
26/03/10 ~ Got my own Ho-Oh after buying the feather. :)
20/03/10 ~ Got Latias, even without using a repel. ^^
13/03/10 ~ Kyogre and Shaymin are mine! I love the repels. :)
05/03/10 ~ Got Dialga!
23/02/10 ~ Ho-Oh from SigmaJargon's drop!
17/02/10 ~ Event Egg - Darkrai. :D
31/01/10 ~ After 5 MissingNo.s I finally got Manaphy!!!!!! :D
28/01/10 ~ Got an original Pokii

I am thankful for all clicks you can spare, so my little ones will grow up. :)

My goals:
* Completing the PokeDex as far as possible.
* Completing achievements as many as possible.

♥ ♥ ♥
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