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 Agent 3

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Points: 100,637
Pass Orbs: 876

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Prize Points: 19
Ranking: 2,874
Joined: Fri. Oct. 19/12
Last seen: Sun. Feb. 17/19 (Desktop)
User group: Members
From: United States
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  • Marigold
      —Shiny Silvally

    Lv. 100

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    Lv. 85: 6,733/12,500

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    Lv. 100

Agent 3's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, October 28th 2018 at 2:34 AM
Maya / 23 / They/them / New York
Favorite Pokemon: Silvally, Typhlosion, Delphox

I love a lot of things besides Pokemon, especially Splatoon!

Thank you so much for the clicks!
My clicking priority:
- My Pal Pad
- People who have added me
- People who have interacted with my Pokemon
- Online users

I usually only give correct berries to Exploration Pokemon since I click very quickly thanks to the hotkeys. I try to do full-party clicks - the only exception is if your party isn't full, or if your eggs are already at 100%.

Check out my Pal Pad! Especially Agent 8. <3

Shiny Silvally (Marigold) obtained on 8/24/2017!

Twitter: @theChimeraling
Steam: /id/Agent_3
Current Shiny Hunts: Mareep, Audino, Spritzee
Long-standing goals: Shinies of every existing fire-type Pokemon; shinies of every existing purple shiny Pokemon - separate evolutions included for both
Agent 3 has no recent activity.

Agent 3's Showcased Achievements

A Novel Approach (Jan 5/17)
Master Explorer (Mar 6/15)
An All Night Thing (Feb 8/15)
Social Network (Mar 18/15)
Shine Master (Apr 23/15)
Lucky Day (Apr 23/15)
Master Clicker (Oct 30/12)
Master Hatcher (Mar 3/15)
Master Breeder (Feb 5/15)
Master Feeder (Feb 18/15)
Darwinist (Nov 15/15)
Creationist (Dec 24/12)
Master Collector (Sep 16/17)

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