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Aela's Profile

Journal last updated: Saturday, October 13th 2012 at 12:46 AM

SilverLugia456: I'm still happy with my shiny Lugia
SilverLugia456: *hugs Silver*
SilverLugia456: I will be happy with Shiny Lugia for a long time
SilverLugia456: xD
Kels: I'll be forever happy with any first gen legend shiny
Nighthawk: mew?
Nighthawk: i want shiny mew
Nighthawk: ;x
SilverLugia456: anyone here gets a shiny Mew before Brandt they will be facing Brandt's wrath.
Kels: shiny mew would be fantastic <3 although i'd need to share that with brandt, lol :B shiny moltres plz <3
Kels: & lol, brandt would be really happy if someone here got a shiny mew :D
Nighthawk: shiny ditto, shiny mew, and shiny ho-oh
Nighthawk: I would die for any of those
Soma Ghost: especially Mew
Soma Ghost: >_>
Nighthawk: shiny ditto is so huggable
Nighthawk: granted so is shiny mew
Nighthawk: but shiny ditto
Nighthawk: aflasdflasdfsaf
Nighthawk: -cuddles-
Soma Ghost: I meant it in another way, though...
Soma Ghost: emphasis on "die"
Soma Ghost: <_<
Nighthawk: i dun get it
SilverLugia456: *hugs shiny ditto*
SilverLugia456: ;3
Nighthawk: /slow @ 12 am
Soma Ghost: talk to brandt about this :3
Nighthawk: oic
Nighthawk: brandt can't kill me
Nighthawk: he's to far away muahaha
Kels: his kind heart wouldn't let him do it :c
Kels: me on the other hand~
SilverLugia456: *slowly steps away from Kels*
Kels: Kels cackles
Anthony: brandt would kill a giraffe
Nighthawk: psh
SilverLugia456: I sense evil in thsi chat........
Soma Ghost: teehee~
Kels: he wouldn't dare :c
Kels: we've had many discussions about this! he will only maim them xD
Nighthawk: You can't kill me either kels
Nighthawk: i has cute kitteh
Kels: ;A;
Nighthawk: for protection
Nighthawk: :D
Soma Ghost: Neither can I~
Kels: This message has been removed.
Kels: This message has been removed.
Nighthawk: muahahahaha
SilverLugia456: you just told us xD
SilverLugia456: lmao
Kels: wutchu' talkin' bout' willis
Nighthawk: haha
SilverLugia456: sure delete the evidence
Kels: shhhuuuussshhh you saw nothin'
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