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    5,120/5,120 ~ 100%

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  • Unhatched
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    5,120/5,120 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
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    Unique Views: 20
    Interactions: 74

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Journal last updated: Monday, September 17th 2018 at 12:02 AM
PM for SN!

Currently working on: Pokemon Trainer/Shiny Hunts

On the Side: Fen Badge requirements and Obtaining Dex Entries.

Updates (Game-Related and Personal):
-Giving the Shiny Hunt a try. I have a Shiny Wigglytuff in Real Life, so let's see how this goes.
-Decided to give Dark Saturday a try, even though the month is halfway through already. Ah well.
-There's so much stuff going on in my life. I'm in the process of moving back to Vancouver. I'll try to be on more often, but I have so much to do. 499 Eggs to go for Pokemon Trainer.
-So, I'm going to be doing Cutiefly for the site wide shiny hunt. Was really hoping I could do Stufful, but oh well.
-Fake Groudon Egg from September's Community Egg Raffle. *insert airhorn noises here*
-Randomly got a Hoopa Egg Portal Thing. Update for Pokemon Trainer: 681 Eggs.
-totally forgot to acknowledge the Mesprit, Lugia, Cosmog eggs I got in the last few months. Along with the Tapu Koko from the exploration. Whoopsie.
-Oh, also forgot to update Pokemon Trainer Achievement. 741 Eggs to go. Bleh.
-SO MANY UPDATES!!! I got Social Network, Turned 22, and Got Engaged!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!
-Slight update on the Pokemon Trainer Achievement. 817 Eggs. Still a long ways to go.
-Another Random PKRS infection from the underground. Just what the heck is down there?
-982.....Eggs I have to hatch for the Pokemon Trainer Achievement. Gods..
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Expert Clicker (Aug 4/12)
Master Hatcher (Jun 28/18)
Master Breeder (Mar 18/12)
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Master Feeder (Feb 16/12)
Expert Battler (Jan 14/12)
Master Collector (Sep 7/17)
Perfect 10 (Sep 10/17)

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