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 Addi Lourdes

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Journal last updated: Saturday, September 22nd 2018 at 2:58 PM
hey! so im actually back now! ive figured out how to do the click backs lmao but as of 9/2018 im back for good!Strike thru'd text is old text from ages ago!

!!!!! completed my first site wide shiny hunt with an igglypuff on 9/22/2018

im back baby will click for each person who clicks for me once i figure out how to do so! til now hello all random profiles! and feel free to add me as a friend!

If you click my eggs and pokemon might take a few hours but I'l get back to your pokemon/eggs!

june 6th 2010 is the best day ever! I got a rotom egg and a dracowysmy egg on the same day in the shelter!


omfg i got a poki egg :D on july,20th,2010

way early in the morning i got a summonable pokemon yayyyyyyyyy(july 24th)

day just gets better cause now i have a zergoose egg too!

im back everyone! clicks shall be normal now=D

got a clone charmander egg :D

omg i got a lugia in the shelter and today i also got a palkia!

july 30th-FINALLY got a damn ditto egg

july 31st-huh got another manaphy egg geuss thats what i get for trying to find legendaries over the site...

finally doing the mudkip achievements thanks to the event lol

got a missingno from the birthday event

:D friday the 13 in august got a groudon egg after getting an enigma stone from the so i herd achivment which means i can stop breeding mukips lol

woo got a crystal onix on 10/15/10!

I got shelderboy egg on 11/28/10!Finally i can stop hunting for that damn thing :D

F**K YA! i got a remorage!

got a shiny mudkip finally :3 1/16/11

f**k ya! 29 eggs and i got my shiny zangoose! 1/21/11

f**k ya b**chs i got giratna

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