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Journal last updated: Thursday, September 2nd 2010 at 1:17 PM
I'll full-click anyone who clicks me, since it's just easier that way. I am less likely to click any new additions to your team if you one-click, though.

And now for Pal Pad stuff! If I notice that you've put me on your Pal Pad, I'll Pal Pad you back. If you comment saying "I want to be on your Pal Pad!" when I post to the gpxplus_elite community, then I'll put you on it. If I recognize you from dA, I'll stick you on, too, but you might have to tell me your username if you're under a different one here. I can't think of any other situation where I'd stick someone on... But it didn't cost much, so it's good to have. ^_^

looking for:
-novelties, who wouldn't
-enough clicks to buy more Repels, so I can tackle the lab with confidence
-might as well do johtodex eventually
hatch: ledyba, aipom, yanma, pineco, snubbull, teddiursa, mantyke, phanpy
evo: typhlosion, ledian, crobat, flaffy, ampharos, sudowoodo, slowking, forretress, steelix, granbull, scizor, ursaring, octillery, mantine, houndoom, donphan, blissey
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