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 A V Rocket

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Journal last updated: Monday, September 14th 2009 at 12:49 AM
STATUS: Still on something of a hiatus. Will be trying to return clicks/hit my Pal Pad every day, but don't expect much proactive clicking, especially not on the weekends.

Breeding my Charmander Clone and seeking novelty breeding exchanges! I have the Clonemander and Easter Buneary, and I'm looking for Crystal Onix, Slime Slugma, Zergoose, and the other two Clones; PM me at GTSPlus if you're interested!

CONGRATULATIONS to demonqueencass on her Primal Dialga!

Welcome to my page! I appreciate your time and clicks, and I'll always do my best to return them, unless you click close to the reset and I don't happen to see them.

Since everyone else seems to have a clicking policy, I'll add mine: I always do full-party clicks with correct berries (unless my finger slips, which is rare but does happen). Life's too short to be seriously bent out of shape by one-clickers, and I'm saving up for Repels and other goodies, so cheating you of clicks is really just cheating myself.

Right now my goal on the site is to continue filling out my Pokedex; my collection is nearly complete, and right now I'm split between continuing to shelter-camp (for novelties and the possibility of abandoned legendaries/Ditto) and becoming a lab camper to try and get Ditto. In the meantime, there'll probably be a lot more Pokemon in my party to get things evolved.

On the Daycare front, I'm currently working on matching up good breeding pairs that'll create wanted shelter eggs while helping get stuff levelled/evolved; right now, I'm breeding my shiny Charmander with a Charmander Clone. No novelty eggs yet, but here's hoping...

I've been lucky enough thus far to receive three event legendaries (Suicine, Groudon, and Deoxys), four novelties (an Easter Buneary and three MissingNo), and three shinies (Carnivine, Vespiquen, and Charmander). All of these can be found in my "Precious" PC box or in my party, and hopefully they'll all be level 100 eventually.
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