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Points: 291,149
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Prize Points: 48
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Joined: Sat. Apr. 17/10
Last seen: Sat. Sep. 21/19 (Desktop)
User group: Donors
From: Ireland
Viewing user: Cycloneblaze

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Cycloneblaze's Profile

Journal last updated: Monday, April 3rd 2017 at 6:19 PM
Hi! I'm Cycloneblaze, some guy from Ireland. I've been on GPX+ on and off since April 2010.
I click whenever I can get on, and you might see me over on the forums, too.
They say nobody reads journals anymore, but that's no reason not to have a nice one.

My Pal Pad is reserved for my friends, therefore, anyone in it is a pretty cool person who you should click. Especially Wingcap. But I'm pretty friendly, so feel free to send me a PM if you have a question for me, or if you'd just like to chat.

On the subject of chatting... the GPX+ IRC Discord is a good place to go if you want to hang out and chat with the community. I'm usually found idling in there during the day, and there are a bunch of people there who aren't me too, so come say hi!



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For reference, I have 123 achievements.

I'm hunting / I'd like to hunt:
Magma Totodile

Novelties I still need:
Snowman Fennekin
Snowman Chespin
Snowy Girafarig
Spring Cyndaquil
Splash Chikorita
Harvest Farfetch'd
and more?

-----My (site) skin-----

I've got a two cool Shiny Gallade skins. One is more white, the other more blue. If you'd like to check 'em out, here are the codes:
Main | Text | Border | Background | Outline | Shell | Spots | Colour Step
7BACEE | E68331 | AAAAAA | EFEFFF | FFFFFF | FEFEFF | 9CCD83 | 12.5%
5395ED | E68331 | AAAAAA | 7BACEE | EFEFFF | F5F5DC | 9CCD83 | 12.5%
Thu Sep 12 at 5:53 PM
He hatched his egg into a Magma Totodile.
Thu Sep 12 at 11:48 AM
He evolved his Altaria into a Simock.
Sat Sep 7 at 7:30 AM
He hatched his egg into a Magma Totodile.
Fri Sep 6 at 8:02 AM
He adopted an Altaria from the Shelter.
Fri Sep 6 at 8:01 AM
He evolved his Altaria into a Zhenyin.
He adopted a Weezing from the Shelter.
Fri Sep 6 at 8:00 AM
He hatched his egg into a Koffing.
Wed Sep 4 at 7:25 PM
He hatched his egg into a Manaphy.
Wed Sep 4 at 11:18 AM
He found a little blue egg on the ground.
Wed Sep 4 at 11:17 AM
He hatched his egg into a Magma Totodile.
He adopted an egg from the Shelter.

Cycloneblaze's Showcased Achievements

Novelty Collector (Apr 2/11)
Godsend (May 27/15)
OCD (Mar 19/15)
Master Explorer (Oct 6/12)
Corporate GPXPlus (Jul 19/12)
Hatching Insanity (Jan 31/15)
Social Network (Mar 31/15)
Persistent (Mar 15/15)
Lucky Day (May 16/15)
Master Hatcher (Jul 14/12)
Master Breeder (Jul 19/12)
Master Trainer (Jul 14/12)
Master Feeder (Apr 22/15)
Creationist (May 30/15)
Master Collector (Jun 28/15)

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