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 Miphas Grace

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Miphas Grace's Profile

Journal last updated: Wednesday, April 1st 2020 at 9:57 PM
Status: Online - Away - Distracted - Asleep - Not Always Updated

I'm Taro, and I live in the US. Same time as Server time.

I'm Grey-Romantic/Asexual and Non-Binary (They/Them or He/Him please)! Anyway, I like lots of things. I need more PC boxes and stuff, but anywayyy. I'm up for a chat if you like! Currently obsessed with Moon and Breath of the Wild! Feel free to ask me questions!

Also, a side note: I tend to forget about this site a lot, that's why there are long periods of inactivity from me, I also go in and out of having interest in the site as a whole so. x_x;

Purple Shiny Pokemon! *___*

Purple Shiny Count: 3
Shiny Count: 57
Shiny Female Eevee Count: 1 [Now a Sylveon]
Shiny Novelty Count: 2

"Kowai mono wa subete warai tobasou!"

Achievements in Progress: Feed a Country

Names: I Kagamine Rin I --> Rin The Dark Lover --> Rin SHSL Sylveon --> Rin Sylveon Chan --> Ritsuka Sylveon Kun --> Miphas Grace

I click full parties almost all the time. Even if you're a one clicker. Please click my full party though. -.- If you are a one clicker, then please click my Number 1 position Pokémon.

Hall of Fame:
First Novelty [ x ] MissingNo. Obtained Feb. 21, 2010 Hatched Feb. 24, 2010
First Legend [ x ] Palkia Obtained Jan. 8, 2010 Hatched Jan. 17, 2010
Winter Vulpix [ x ] Obtained Dec. 7, 2010
First Shiny: Bidoof - Random find in the Safari Zone Male Obtained Feb. 20, 2011
First Site Wide Shiny Hunt Finished: January 2013 for Absol - 404 Eggs Hatched Obtained Jan. 27, 2013

Wanted Pokémon:
Shiny Audino (Female) <--- When will you come to meeee?????
Primal Dialga
Fake Groudon
Shiny Cresselia

Miphas Grace has no recent activity.

Miphas Grace's Showcased Achievements

OCD (Dec 22/12)
Speed Reader (Mar 6/13)
Corporate GPXPlus (Aug 30/13)
Youngster Joey (Feb 26/13)
Oracle of Seasons (Dec 8/12)
Oracle of Ages (Dec 14/12)
Pokii's Rage (Apr 4/13)
All Geared Up (Apr 13/13)
Office Wars (Apr 6/15)
Crazy About Ewe (Apr 8/13)
Lucky Day (Jun 7/13)
Novice Collector (Jan 4/13)
Master Collector (Jul 28/13)
Perfect 10 (Apr 30/13)

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