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 Minerva McGonagall

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Points: 92,597
Pass Orbs: 225

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Prize Points: 162
Ranking: 622
Joined: Sat. Jan. 2/10
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Minerva McGonagall's Profile

Journal last updated: Wednesday, January 25th 2012 at 11:13 AM
Time Zone: CET (I will usually be sleeping from around 4:00 pm server time on)

January 2nd 2010
-started playing
-obtained first egg: Bonsly
-hatched first egg: Togepi
-put Togepi and Plusle in daycare, bred first two eggs
January 3rd 2010
-bought first items: Journal and Pal Pad
January 5th 2010
-found first item: Leaf Stone
January 21st 2010
-picked up first novelty egg from shelter: Easter Buneary
January 27th 2010
-hatched first shiny: Buneary (59th egg, first Buneary egg)
January 30th 2010
-raised first Pokémon to level 100: Rapidash
February 8th 2010
-summoned first legendary: Groudon
February 12th 2010
-resurrected first fossil: Aerodactyl
April 30th 2010
-snagged Ditto from lab
June 25th 2010
-finished Shiny Swinub Competition successfully
July 3rd 2010
-got first Unown: U
August 21st 2010
-got first event egg: Entei
August 28th 2010
-finished Shiny Pichu Competition successfully
January 16th 2011
-finished Shiny Relicanth Competition successfully
March 31st 2011
-finished Shiny Litwick Competition successfully
May 18th 2011
-finished Shiny Porygon Competition successfully
July 24th 2011
-finished Shiny Cherubi Competiton successfully
November 17th 2011
-finished Shiny Totodile Competition successfully
January 19th 2012
-finished Shiny Eevee Competition successfully
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