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 Miles Prower

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Points: 2,900,530
Pass Orbs: 4,689

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Prize Points: 1,571
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Joined: Fri. Jul. 17/09
Last seen: Wed. Oct. 28/20 (Desktop)
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Miles Prower's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, June 22nd 2012 at 5:50 AM

That doesn't mean I have to click one-clickers back fully. I won't click back your whole party if you don't give me the courtesy I give you *nod*

---Is happy---


Part of the Shimmering Competition
Achievement Association
I'm part of the 10k Club!


I've been busy at college which lasts from 9am to 4pm GMT so if I don't click back I will by the end of the day (11pm GMT for me)

Like I said before: it's putting dents in my mass-clicking days!

First Shiny: Poochyena, hatched 23/8/09
Second Shiny: Skorupi, hatched 25/9/09
Third Shiny: Shroomish, hatched 26/9/09
Fourth Shiny: Shellos, hatched 24/2/10

There seems to be a pattern here...23, 25, 26, 24...23, 24, 25, 26? Hurr...


IF I ONE-CLICK I WILL GET BACK TO YOU, I do multiple people at a time

I will always click back! If you wish to become daily clickers with me I will happily accept and add you to my Pal Pad ^^ I live in Scotland so if I don't click back it usually means I fell asleep before reset.

One-clickers will get one click back, I will always click the most important pokemon in your list if you are a one-clicker. For people who click my party you will receive more! In fact all will be clicked. I don't have anything against one-clickers like you see with those who rage about them, it's only fair!

The only reason I would NOT click a pokemon is because it is ready to hatch, if you click mine and I see your number is quite low I will recheck your pokemon.
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