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Joined: Thu. Feb. 19/09
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Sunstrider's Profile

Journal last updated: Tuesday, August 16th 2011 at 3:02 PM
February 19th - One year anniversary. :D One of the first 250 to get the achievement~!

Missing: Bellossom (Oddish -> Gloom + Sun Stone), Politoed (Poliwag -> Poliwhirl + King Stone), Slowking (Slowpoke + King Stone), Steelix (Onix + Steel Coat), Rhyperior (Rhydon + Protector), Ditto (Egg), Jolteon / Espeon / Flareon / Umbreon / Glaceon, Weavile (Sneasel + Razor Claw), Hitmonlee / Hitmontop (Tyrogue -> lv. 20), Dustox (Wurmple -> Cascoon), Nuzleaf (Seedot -> Nuzleaf), Gallade (Raltz Male -> Kirlia + Dawn Stone) Ninjask / Shedinja (Nincadax2), Zangoose

(X) - Snake-related Shiny (Arbok / Ekans / Seviper)
(X) - Rapidash / Ponyta shiny
(X) - Mew
(O) - 20k interactions
(X) - Finish leveling all the Pokemon in my boxes that evolve through level.
(X) - Full Pokedex (excluding Legendaries, Novelties)
(X) - Full Pokedex + legendaries (no Novelties)
(X) - Full Shiny Pokedex (excluding Legendaries, Novelties)
(X) - Hatch a shiny legendary.
(O) - Lugia
(X) - Winter Ninetales
(X) - Shiny Ninetales
(X) - Pokedex Master

Summoning Goals
(O) Summon Giratina - Griseous Orb
(O) Summon Dialga - Adamant Orb
(O) Summon Lugia - Silver Wing
(O) Enigma Stone - ??? (My Try - Groudon!)
(O) Lunar Wing - Cresselia
(O) Enigma Stone - ??? (My Try - Kyogre!)
(O) Enigma Stone - ??? (My Try - Dialga! Corrupted.)
(O) Magma Stone - Heatran
(X) Find more legendaries.

(X) - Undone
(O) - Done
Sunstrider has no recent activity.

Sunstrider's Showcased Achievements

Legendary Hunter (Jul 11/10)
Novelty Collector (Aug 5/14)
Great Success! (Jul 27/14)

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