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Journal last updated: Thursday, January 3rd 2013 at 6:26 PM
Shiny Magnemite!!!! *__* Thanks to the Dress-Up contest, my dearest desire has finally been fulfilled! Thank you to everyone who voted for me, and thank you to everyone who voted for the other ones so i could get 4th place! Yay!

Upon entering, you hear an ominous, melodic buzzing. Frantically, you look all around... until, finally, you look up. At first, it just seems as if the roof is quite shiny, but then you realize that there are hundreds of large, slightly confused-looking eyes staring down at you. You start to back away, but it's too late. The buzzing increases, and sparks start to lash at you. Too late, indeed...

This is Magnemite Territory.

Raikou IS the EMPEROR of Magnemite territory!!!!
(If you were looking for Charmander Territory, please redirect yourself to zigzo's page.)

...500+ Magnemites recruited (606 Magneggs hatched)
...scads of Magnetons
...lots of Magnezones
...oodles and oodles of Magneggs produced
...0 1 2 shinyies!!!

I have already achieved the ultimate goal... 100% POKEHAPPINESS!!! Yes, it's a happy magnearmy.

Pokerus Plague
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Undaunted (Dec 14/13)
Lucky Day (Jan 1/13)
Archaeologist (Apr 12/10)
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Creationist (Nov 15/14)
Best In Show (Jan 1/13)
Finish What You Started (Jan 1/13)
Perfect 10 (Feb 27/13)

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