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Journal last updated: Friday, July 27th 2012 at 3:36 PM
Hi! Welcome! Thanks for clicking! If you click mine I'll be sure to click yours back. I've started classes now, so most clickbacks will be given in the evenings. There may be some days that I don't return any clicks.

Have a great day! (K, this totally feels like a message left on an answering machine)*BEEP!*

Current Project: In the Chinese Zodiac, 2012 is the year of the Dragon. I am graduating from college this year, and I also happen to be born in a Dragon year. Therefore, my GPX+ resolution is to obtain all non-legendary, non-novelty shiny Dragon type pokemon. (6/20)

[x]Get Mewtwo (made possible by Deep In the Lab)
[x]Get Lugia
[x]Get fire starters/ Evolve to final evolutions
[x]Get Riolu/ Evolve it into Lucario
[x]Get a shiny cubone (completed December 4, 2011)

Memorable Moments on GPX+
(8/11/09) I got my first novelty egg! It's an Easter Bunneary from the shelter!
(10/2/09) I got my first event/legendary egg! It's a Registeel!
(1/30/10) Found a Lunar Wing! Successfully summoned a Cresselia!
(7/27/10) OMGosh! OMGosh! OMGosh! I just got a Shaymin egg from the lab! I never get that lucky!
(8/12/10) Completed the Johto Dex! Successfully summoned Lugia! At long Last!
(12/19/10) My Tirtouga was infected with Pokerus! Turtle Power!
(1/25/10) Completed my first shiny hunt! Shiny Relicanth FTW!
(12/01/11) Hatched my first shiny novelty: Icy Horsea

I am dragonwriter315 on the Dragon Cave forum and on ACC and fantasyfreak315 on magistream
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