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Joined: Thu. Jun. 4/09
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From: United States
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Journal last updated: Friday, October 14th 2016 at 11:36 AM
I'm kind of busy at times
So I might not be able to click all the time.
I'll try to at least get clicks out to people once or so per day.
Whenever I have the time.
Thanks for your patience!

Hello everyone, how are ya?

Names: Zs99, FuhrerZotz, FuhrerZ
DoB: March 27th
---Current Age: 26
Sex/Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight as a board
Relationship: Taken

I can be found at many sites!
Furaffinity: Zs99
DeviantArt: Zs99
Sofurry: Zs99
Inkbunny: Zs99
Weasyl: Zs99
Flight Rising: FuhrerZotz / 11577
DragCave: Zs99
Steam: Zs99 / FuhrerZotz
Magistream: Zs99

I do art at the furry-art sites owo Including the stuff of questionable natures. Come check me out if you have the time o3o
Zotz has no recent activity.

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Hatching Insanity (Oct 28/12)
Persistent (Sep 24/11)
Lucky Day (May 24/14)
Feed a Country (May 20/15)
Creationist (Sep 24/11)
Finish What You Started (Jan 3/13)

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