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    Journal last updated: Friday, March 15th 2013 at 5:16 PM

    [ Its highly likely I'll randomly have time where I'm not online. Sorry, but also thanks to those who click my Pokemon during those times. ]

    - 1-Clickers, please click any Eggs I have. (especially Legendary, Novelty and Eevee Eggs)
    - Adding me to your Pal Pad more or less certifies clicks from me.
    - Didn't click your entire team? You likely didn't have a full party of clickable Pokemon/Eggs. I'll get back to your team soon!

    To those who have helped towards hatching/raising my Pokemon, thanks!
    Most clicks in a day: 13,262 - 6th Feb 2010
    - This record has been BROKEN! (24/06/2010)
    - Previous record DEMOLISHED! (11/09/2010)

    Eggs that get removed from the GPX+ Egg Shelter could contain Shiny Pokemon... wouldn't you want one of those 'lost Shinies'...?

    - PokemonEnforcer hatched one of the eggs I bred into a Shiny Axew!

    Shiny Winter Vulpix [0/lots]
    Pokemon listed on my Shine Recorder
    Shiny 5th Gen. Pokemon (obtained: 1/11):
    Serperior [ ] Archeops [-] Reuniclus [ ] Emboar [ ]
    Lilligant [ ] Volcarona [ ] Swanna [ ] Gigalith [ ]
    Zorua [S] Braviary [ ] Bisharp [-]

    My Shiny 'Wants':
    Eeveelutions [0] Winter Ninetales [ ]
    Legendary List:
    Articuno [ ] Zapdos [ ] Mew [ ] Suicune [ ] Jirachi [x]
    Kerudio [x]
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