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 Sui Kune

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Points: 74,165
Pass Orbs: 4,749

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Prize Points: 450
Ranking: 714
Joined: Sat. May. 16/09
Last seen: Sun. Jun. 19/16 (Desktop)
User group: Donors
From: United States
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Sui Kune's Profile

Journal last updated: Tuesday, July 29th 2014 at 7:38 PM
SN 75/75, thank you each and every one of you!! <3

Favorite Trinkets in Collection:

* Crest of Suicune (thank you Anriko!!)
* Raikou Mask (thank you Kumori Z!!), Entei Mask (thank you Profess!!), Suicune Mask (thank you PokeNOM NOM NOM!!)
* Essence of Raikou Clouds (thank you Profess!!)
* Shiny Suicune Doll
* Suicune Doll, Entei Plushie, Raikou Plushie
* Raikou the Tiger, Entei the Dog, Shaymin the Rat
* Absol Plush
* Tree of Life
* Xerneas's Crown
* Time Gear, Primal Time Gear
* Sacred Mirror, Sacred Jewel, Sacred Sword
* Cosmos Crystal
* Shiny Ninetales Hair
* Bouquet of Gratitude
* Crystal Ribbon
* Book of Unown
* Corrupt Absol Scythe
* Horn of Absol
* Sawsbuck Carved Egg
* Cherry Blossom
* Suicune Queen
* Calmer of Wind Figure Set, Thunderstorm Figure Set
* Gracidea White Hat
* Shiny Zorua Fur
* Flask of Mystic Water
* Virizion Helmet, Terrakion Helmet, Cobalion War Mask
* Virizion Bauble, Cobalion Bauble, Terrakion Bauble
* Winter Vulpix Toy
* Shiny Vaporeon Plushie, Shiny Jolteon Plushie, Shiny Flareon Plushie
* Vaporeon Plushie, Jolteon Plushie, Flareon Plushie
* Virizion Doll
* Crystal Eevee, Crystal Vaporeon, Crystal Jolteon, Crystal Flareon, Crystal Espeon, Crystal Umbreon, Crystal Leafeon, Crystal Glaceon
* Vaporeon Hat, Jolteon Hat, Flareon Hat, Espeon Hat, Leafeon Hat, Glaceon Hat
* Glass Deerling
* Virizion Boots
* Leo

Trinket Wishlist:

* Shiny Raikou Plushie
* Withered Gracidea Flower
* Xerneas's Antler
* Virizion the Horse, Terrakion the Ox, Cobalion the Ram
* Legendary Horns

Most-Wanted Pokémon Wishlist:

* Shiny Suicune, Entei, and/or Raikou (lolyeahright)
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Sui Kune's Showcased Achievements

Alphabet Soup (Oct 22/12)
Pokedex Master Plus (Oct 22/12)
An All Night Thing (Jan 31/13)
Speed Reader (Jan 31/13)
Unique Entry (Jun 7/13)
Shiny Collector (Jul 26/11)
Persistent (Apr 4/11)
Bounty Hunter (Jan 1/13)
Good Luck (Jan 1/13)
Lucky Day (Jan 1/13)
Master Battler (Aug 19/11)
Best In Show (Jul 4/13)
Master Collector (Feb 1/13)
Perfect 10 (Feb 1/13)

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