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Journal last updated: Friday, July 1st 2011 at 11:05 AM
I usually always click back 100% no matter what. My exceptions are explorations.

Current: I'm going to try to get back into clicking on this site. I've been super absent in my clicking. My apologies.
Achievement: None. I received my Suicune egg from the Legendary dog one. Then I found my first chest today which contained a green orb. I summoned successfully my first Rayquaza egg. :) Having a good day today.


Bidofo [x] (I still need to collect more though.)
Ditto []
Celebii []
All fossils []
Legendary dogs:
Raikou [x]
Entei []
Suicune [x]
Shiny Poochyena []
Shiny Electrike []
Shiny Zangoose [] (I bred one but I didn't get it. It's in good hands with Pokii though. :) )
Shiny Ninetales []
Shiny Vulpix []
Shiny Arcanine []
Shiny Growlithe []
Shiny Mawile []
Koga's Badge []
Sabrina's Badge []
Giovanni/Gary's badge? []
Lucky Egg []
Corruption orb []
Shelter Pass []

Breed a shiny Growlithe, Arcanine, Vulpix, and Ninetales from my couple of NanxArcy or the shelter or something. (once I start it anyways. XD)

1 clickers please click my egg or first Pokemon in my party and since you're only clicking one Pokemon also click (XxStaceyxX).

Shiny Race against XxStaceyxX
Poochyena vs Ralts
(I'm putting mine on hiatus for a little while so Stacey can catch up. In the meantime I'll be hunting other shinies.)
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