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Points: 698,792
Pass Orbs: 992

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Prize Points: 200
Ranking: 3,434
Joined: Tue. Jul. 30/13
Last seen: Wed. Sep. 14/16 (Desktop)
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From: Poland
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    RigelSan's Profile

    Journal last updated: Sunday, July 24th 2016 at 4:15 PM
    Best rank so far: 2,966

    Michi - 21, from Poland, a stubborn shiny hunter.
    ~*~ DeviantART: Ra-Punzelle ~*~

    Shinies I own:
    Deerling [1/4] + Sawsbuck [4/4], Togetic + Togekiss, Dratini + evos, Mawile + Mega, Lapras x2, Zubat + evos, Scyther, Beldum + evos, Charmander + evos + Mega Y, Mudkip + evos, Swablu + Altaria, Baltoy + Claydol, Chimchar + evos
    Total: 34

    Current goal:

    - my shiny dream team: Charizard, Ninetales, Dragonair, Lapras, Scyther, Vaporeon [4/6 done]

    Future goals:
    - my Crystal team: Electabuzz, Tentacruel, Bayleef, Skarmory, Girafarig, Gyarados [0/6 done]
    - shiny Eevee(lution) set [0/9 done]
    - Shiny Lapras box [2/24 done]
    - shiny starters set [3/18 done]

    Shiny wishlist:

    Pokii, Murkrow, Snorunt [F], Hoppip, Shinx, Igglybuff, Pachirisu, Budew, Magicarp, Feebas, Mienfoo, Winter Vulpix, Mega Absol...

    ...Shiny Lugia <3 (List tbc.)
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    An All Night Thing (May 31/14)
    Speed Reader (May 31/14)
    Shiny Collector (May 29/14)
    Lucky Day (May 15/14)
    Master Clicker (Apr 1/14)

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