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 Red XII

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Points: 1,085,695
Pass Orbs: 100

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Prize Points: 15
Ranking: 1,346
Joined: Thu. Apr. 4/13
Last seen: Sun. Dec. 29/13 (Desktop)
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From: Netherlands
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    Journal last updated: Tuesday, August 6th 2013 at 12:18 AM
    ~ Shiny Legendary Hunt: 0/27 ~

    ~ Shinies [Total:70] ~ :

    ~ Random ~ :
    Shiny Charmander
    Shiny Caterpie
    Shiny Meowth
    Shiny Grimer
    Shiny Happiny
    Shiny Skitty
    Shiny Gulpin
    Shiny Pachirisu
    Shiny Snivy
    Shiny Panpour
    Shiny Sewaddle
    Shiny Basculin [Red]
    Shiny Gothita
    Shiny Joltik [Summer]
    Shiny Deerling
    Shiny Basculin [Blue]
    Shiny Unown [N]
    Shiny Cyndaquil
    Shiny Dwebble
    Shiny Maractus
    Shiny Frillish
    Shiny Stunfisk
    Shiny Pansage
    Shiny Yamask
    Shiny Wailmer
    Shiny Treecko
    Shiny Deerling [Fall]
    Shiny Burmy [Grass]
    Shiny Cubchoo
    Shiny Sigilyph
    Shiny Minum
    Shiny Deerling [Spring]

    ~ Shiny Hunt/ Swh~ :

    Shiny Magikarp
    Shiny Cyndaquil [Swh]
    Shiny Roggenrola
    Shiny Timburr
    Shiny Scraggy
    Shiny Solosis
    Shiny Klink
    Shiny Ferroseed
    Shiny Deino
    Shiny Abra [Swh]
    Shiny Mareep
    Shiny Oshawott
    Shiny Mistilil
    Shiny Tepig
    Shiny Pichu
    Shiny Emolga
    Shiny Magikarp
    Shiny Litwick
    Shiny Caterpie [Swh]
    Shiny Chikorita [Swh]
    Shiny Aerodactyl [Swh]
    Shiny Caterpie [Swh]
    Shiny Chikorita [Swh]
    Shiny Chikorita [Swh]
    Shiny Chikorita [Swh]
    Shiny Venipede
    Shiny Karrablast
    Shiny Petilil
    Shiny Zorua
    Shiny Ralts
    Shiny Caterpie [Swh]
    Shiny Zangoose
    Shiny Caterpie [Swh]
    Shiny Caterpie [Swh]
    Shiny Chikorita [Swh]
    Shiny Munna
    Shiny Chikorita [Swh
    Shiny Tynamo]

    Welcome and feel free to add me.
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    Speed Reader (May 1/13)
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    Expert Collector (Jun 12/13)
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