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Points: 3,422,310
Pass Orbs: 3,237

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Prize Points: 289
Ranking: 530
Joined: Sun. Oct. 14/12
Last seen: Fri. Mar. 19/21 (Desktop)
User group: Members
From: United States
Viewing user: NefariousKing

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    Lv. 100

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    Lv. 96: 3,485/12,500

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      —Galarian Zigzagoon

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    Lv. 100

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    5,120/5,120 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
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    3,840/3,840 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
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NefariousKing's Profile

Journal last updated: Monday, March 23rd 2020 at 11:57 PM
*Previously DemonSonis*
Shiny Count: 128


Personal Tasks:

Unown [C, D, F, N, P, R, S, V, ?]
Zygarde [Complete]
Arceus [Normal, Dragon, Dark, Ground, Fighting, Fire, Ice, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Fairy, Flying, Water, Rock, Poison, Electric]
Landorus [Therian]
Magearna [Normal, Original Color]
Marshadow [Normal, Zenith]
Pikachu [Original, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, Partner, Mimikyu]
Squirtle [Yamask]
Silvally [Dragon, Electric, Fairy, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Grass, Ice, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Water]

Silvally's memories are obtained by placing at least 3rd in Poke Hunts.

Highest Rank: 322
NefariousKing has no recent activity.

NefariousKing's Showcased Achievements

Slowpoke Tail Connoisseur (Jul 24/13)
Pokemonarchy (Dec 26/16)
Lucky Day (Jan 2/13)

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