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Journal last updated: Thursday, November 29th 2012 at 7:59 PM
oct 21: OvO a silver wing
Oct 21: mew egg :3
Oct 19: I got invited to a forum group! Cool!
Oct 2: found dialga summoned by enigma stone without help of repel. that was intense. i didn't think i'd make it
Oct 1: enigma stone summoned a shayin! And i now know how repel works! bless
Sept 16: summoned and missed a shaymin in the lab :') rip
Sept 12: I think it's pretty stupid that a scyther died so i could get my hands on a spiky eared pichu
Sept 08: Yellow forest exploration start!!!
Sept 05: manaphy egg #2
Day 4 aug 30 4:14 pm: *u* I just hatched a manaphy egg
DAy 3 2:51 pm: fuck yeah torchic
9:55pm: journal now reverse chrono
9:33pm: lmfao i didn't expect aerodactyl
8:27pm: my first lvl 100 uuu ferroseed you are my favourite
9:13am: LITWICK HATCHED this is the best possible outcome
Day 2, 9:07am: man going to work nabbed my pokemon some mad levels in the mobile walker
12:05: cool pkmns in safari zone
11:09: did you know i have a SHINY DITTO
9:41: sableye and teddiursa i made the right decisions
8:38: I'm going to stop liveblogging everything because it just takes too long
8:37: actually now i remember I put the krabby egg in the walker
8:28: by krabby and sentret i mean BURMY and PATRAT
8:05: I have no idea what these two are i know i can look at their heritage but I want to surprise myself
8:02: ferroseed hatched yess
7:27 pm: moved some friends to the walker, got new eggs. this one is krabby and a sentret
7:20 pm: drilbur, scyther, absol, and magby hatched!! 1/5 correct haha
3:59 pm: now i have a ferroseed
Day 1, 3:57 pm: it's a DURANT!!! 0/1 dang
Day 1, 1:30 pm: Let's get started!!! That looks like a ferroseed, a something cool, an aron, a torchic, an absol and a tyrannitar boy i hope that black one is something cool
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