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Journal last updated: Saturday, November 3rd 2012 at 12:55 PM

Currently working on Badges.

Shiny Articuno must be lucky--I JUST GOT A SHINY SENTRET. My toils of two years and quite a few hiatus are over.


Yo! Draikfire here. My clicking policy is very simple:

I click full. Always.

FRIENDS are guaranteed full-party clicks every day.

I also DO click from the online list, so if you get random clicks from me, it`s not the mafia or Team Galactic, I swear, so don`t panic. XD Just click back, and I`ll appreciate it.


[x] work in progress [o] complete

i m p o s s i b i l i t y is {r}elative

[o] Shadow Lugia {6/11/10} {{KARP BROUGHT BACK LUNAR WING~ <3}}
[o] Clone Charrie {8/20/10} {{ ilu Zaidbenh~ }}
[o] Primal Dialga
[o] Zergoose {12/25/09}
[x] Giratina
[o] Shaymin {4/10/10}
[o] Dracowymsy {6/?/10}

hatching && clicking m.a.n.i.a

[o] Hatch 1500 eggs
[x] Hatch 2000 eggs
[x] Hatch 5000 eggs
[o] Get to 80,000 total clicks
[x] Get to 100,000 total clicks

* * WISH l i s t <<

[o] Get every starter max evolved {10/18/09}
[o] Get every Eevee evolution {9/9/10}
[o] Shiny anything {Magikarp, 8/11/10}
[o] Shiny Gyarados { 1 / 476 } , { 1 / 89 (31/5/11)}
[o] Shiny Furret {1 / 865 (11/10/12)}
[x] Shiny Mudkip
[x] Obtain every badge
- - - -[o] Kanto {8/8}
- - - -[x] Johto {4/8}
- - - -[x] Hoenn {2/8}
- - - -[x] Sinnoh {1/8}
- - - -[x] Unova {0/8}
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