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Points: 56,730,099
Pass Orbs: 2,484

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Prize Points: 2,540
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Joined: Sat. Jun. 2/12
Last seen: Thu. Oct. 15/20 (Desktop)
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From: Norway
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Journal last updated: Thursday, January 23rd 2020 at 4:04 PM
Member of Blue Moons

50m steps in pokewalker
Started 6th May 2014
As of 1.1.16: 36,228,950 steps accumulated
As of 7.7.16: 42,301,640 steps accumulated
As of 8.8.16: 43,193,517 steps accumulated
As of 7.1.17: 46,484,999 steps accumulated
As of 26.03.17: 47,648,994 steps accumulated
As of 30.07.17: 48,790,642 steps accumulated
As of 14.10.17: 49,200,883 steps accumulated
As of 01.01.18: 50,000,001 staps accumulated
Finally DONE! Just took 1336 days :D

That moment when you realease a MissingNo egg so you can pick up a summoned egg from the lab and the MissingNo egg turns out to be a shiny... RrBKA

Shiny of all pokemon
#1 in everything

Mansion of Gods

Fastest completions ever
Incident in Yellow Forest: Your fastest completion: 24 mins, 8 secs
A Journey Through Space and Time: Beat the old record of 23 mins, 23 secs by
9 mins, 47 secs. Your fastest completion: 13 mins, 36 secs
2nd to complete "Death of the World". Fastest completion on 1 day and 19 hours.
The Twelve Days of Christmas: Your fastest completion: 1 hour, 20 minuts. (Beat previous record by 40-50 minuts)
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