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Points: 1,566,643
Pass Orbs: 3,144

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Prize Points: 405
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Joined: Sun. Apr. 15/12
Last seen: Thu. Apr. 17/14 (Desktop)
User group: Donors
From: Italy
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NemesisQ's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, April 28th 2013 at 6:01 PM
I accept Shiny Races, just PM me

Thanks to everyone for the help on the Social Network achievement m( _ _')m
Ehy, are you working on SN? PM me and I'll add you

And yes, sometimes when I see some nice or cool nickname here on GPX+, I may also add the user on my Pal Pad :)

PS: I'm a FULL party clicker!

Random Facts

Anime I love: Kuroshitsuji; Hunter x Hunter; Death Note; Fairy Tail

I'm a Tenzou, Genma Shiranui, Kotetsu Hagane and Luxus Dreyar's fan
NEVER mess with Nekomata...he's dangerous!

Pokémons' names given

Nekomata: Mew;
Ichi: Ditto (Lv 1);
Hyaku: Ditto (Lv 100);
Kotetsu: Sh. Azurill;
Lluvia: Sh Marill;
Matsubokkuri: Sh Pineco;
Anko: Sh Pachirisu;
Shino: Sh Butterfree;
Gray: Sh Gastly
Tao Jun: Sh Dragonair
Ningame: Sh Blastoise
Aiko: Sh Luvdisc

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NemesisQ's Showcased Achievements

An All Night Thing (Mar 3/13)
Speed Reader (Feb 6/13)
Happy Anniversary! (Apr 15/13)
Happy Ending (Mar 4/13)
Social Network (May 6/12)
Shiny Collector (Sep 16/12)
Office Wars (May 3/13)
Lucky Day (Jan 30/13)
Master Feeder (Jul 5/12)
Creationist (Jul 21/12)
Finish What You Started (Mar 1/13)
Can't Pass It Up (Apr 22/13)

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