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Journal last updated: Sunday, August 17th 2014 at 8:58 PM
Lately I have been feeling pretty light-headed and with low blood pressure.
I may be on the verge of Diabetes.
My time zone is 1 hour behind the server.
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Mantine (2)
Houndoom (M)
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Jynx (F)
Clamperl (M)
Beedrill (M)
Shinx (3)
Lapras (F)
Eevee (9)
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Finneon (2)
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Axew (3)
Surskit (2)
Trapinch (3)
Drifloon (2)
Zangoose (F)
Cherubi (6)
Magby (F)
Bulbasaur (F)(M)
Cyndaquil (3)
Bellsprout (M)
Swinub (F, M)
Skitty (F)
Aerodactly (M)
Gulpin (M)
Phantump (M)
Pumpkaboo (M)
Zergoose (1)
Caterpie (F)
Flabebe (White) [F]
Wingull (M)
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