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From: Puerto Rico
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Miracle's Profile

Journal last updated: Saturday, February 8th 2014 at 4:20 PM
Thanks for interacting with my party!

Shinies I have:

1st: Sir Teal Grasso >> Swalot
2nd: Ruby Loch Ness >> Gyarados
3rd: Alpha Lightning >> Luxray
4th: Persephone >> Charizard
5th: Riqueza >> Mightyena
6th: Perdita >> Weavile
7th: Grand Marvel >> Swampert
8th: El Dorado >> Klinklang
9th: Silverlocks >> Ninetales
10th: Plasmius >> Reuniclus
11th: Mirage >> Flygon
12th: Crimson Shade >> Absol
13th: Indigo Knight >> Bisharp
14th: Spitfire >> Arcanine
15th: Piercing Aegis >> Haxorus
16th: Sugarplum >> Ampharos
17th: Toxin >> Scolipede
18th: Malteada >> Miltank
19th: Mighty Terren >> Tyranitar
20th: Amada Pele >> Camerupt
21st: Cheshire >> Liepard
22nd: Yottabyte >> Galvantula
23rd: Ferrero >> Aggron
24th: Mina de Oro >> Steelix
25th: Saharan Beauty >> Maractus
26th: Hades >> Rapidash
27th: Fabulous Fabian >> Butterfree
28th: Atlantis >> Milotic
29th: Octus >> Golurk
30th: Fortunato >> Noctowl
31st: Bellona Hepit >> Staraptor
32nd: Campeon >> Lickilicky
33rd: Yunque >> Venusaur
34th: Relic Emperor >> Fossil Carracosta
35th: Bunnymundelo >> Easter Lopunny
36th: Great Ace >> Zangoose
37th: Enchantress >> Gardevoir
38th: Aeon Aphrodite >> Azumarill
39th: Maleficent >> Hydreigon

Shinies I want:
*Winter Vulpix
*Flaming Zorua


Extra Legends I own are usually only kept to trade or for Secret Santa event. If you're interested in trading, just PM me. ;3
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