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 Veteran Trainer Diane

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Veteran Trainer Diane's Profile

Journal last updated: Tuesday, November 27th 2018 at 2:15 PM
Busy. Will not return till next year. Currently studying and working towards my goals and dreams.

I'm a girl who's loved Pokémon Blue! I've played Blue to Sun and Moon, finished the National Dex on X, collected 100+ shinies on X, and I have a 3DS, 2 3DS XLs, and a New 3DS XL! I also enjoy shiny hatching and competitive playing on my spare time.
Currently own: Pokemon Silver, Ruby, LeafGreen, Diamond, Platinum, White, Black 2 (x2), X, and Sun and Moon.
Working on my 'dex on Pokemon GO. Team Instinct all the way! Currently 23 in less than a month.
Also, I've been to Pokémon Symphonic Evolution 3-4 times, met Natewantstobattle, Jeron Moore, Susie Bench, and Mat4yo!

Friend Codes:

Collect all the non-novelty Pokemon and level them up to 100.
Kanto Dex, still leveling up to 100. Need Mewtwo, Mewtwo Y, and Moltres.
Summon all legendaries by myself.
Also working on novelty dex

Working on Box of Bliss.
Get all the stage 2 shiny starters.
Collect all shiny Megas (excluding legendaries).
Get all the shiny eeveelutions.
Get all the Arceus types:
Meadow Shards: x5
Ice Shard: x1
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Godsend (Jul 10/17)
Kanto Master (Apr 20/17)
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Unique Entry (Feb 27/15)
Expert Feeder (Apr 5/15)
Infected (Mar 6/14)

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