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Chiiyo's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, July 18th 2013 at 7:08 PM
Thanks a lot for dropping by :)

I try my best to return every click I received throughout the day!
Of course, I click everyone who is on my pal pad / added me to their pal pad as often as possible ;>

Currently: I will be more or less inactive for a while. =/ Only active during special events and random occasions from time to time~

.: Shiny Novelty Wishes :.

:: Autumn Tropius (#348)
:: Zergoose (#224)
:: Icy Horsea (#142)
:: Flaming Zorua
:: Easter Buneary
:: Snowy Girafarig
:: Present Drifloon
:: Future Shuppet

.: Missing Dex Entries :.

Arceus | Tornadus

White Kyurem
Keldeo [Resolute]
Tornadus [Therian]

Until the end of the dream ...
Chiiyo has no recent activity.

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Master Commuter (May 6/13)
Alphabet Soup (Feb 8/13)
Pokedex Master Plus (Feb 8/13)
Bringer of Legends (Oct 3/12)
Ruin Maniac (May 18/12)
Elite Explorer (Mar 2/13)
Insatiably Curious (May 3/13)
An All Night Thing (Jan 13/13)
Getting kinda creepy... (Mar 2/13)
Happy Ending (Feb 5/13)
I Am Legend (Feb 3/13)
Good Luck (Jan 9/13)
Lucky Day (Jan 2/13)
Feed a Country (Sep 11/12)
Perfect 10 (Jan 2/13)

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